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Wildwaters Lodge to open in August

We are closing in.  In the last few weeks, the canvas ‘walls’ have arrived from South Africa for the bedrooms, and now the magnificent, private views from each bedroom are framed with the canvas.  Over the past 18-months of construction, we have become very used to the room spaces being open and as any of you who have built before will appreciate, suddenly the rooms look expansive.  At the same time we began the construction process, Brad McLeay applied his considerable talents to the furniture design.  Each room will be fitted with magnificent hand-made furniture designed, constructed and completed on the island.  This includes incredible pink-granite vanity units in each bathroom.  Juma skillfully used a disk grinder to carve the basins from large granite boulders we found laying around on the island.  The basins have been carved and polished from the granite to feature in each of the expansive bathrooms.

Construction in Uganda is never easy, and particularly challenging when building a high quality lodge mid-stream in the Nile.  We couldn’t find the quality we needed when it came to the bathroom fittings, light and door fittings.  On Saturday afternoon, we were particularly excited at the arrival of the claw-foot baths, generous taps and electrical fittings from the United Kingdom.  Quality fittings will complement the local craftsmanship and give the rooms a unique feel.

Meanwhile, the local inhabitants of Wildwaters are getting used to our presence.  Over one kilometre of raised wooden walkways traverse the island allowing unobstructed movement across the islands for the river otters and monitor lizards that called the island home hundreds of years before we ever got there.  A magnificent pair of fish eagles has recently nested in one of the tallest trees on the neighbouring Itanda island, in full view of three of the suites.  With a pair of binoculars, you can watch feeding time with the youngsters from the outside bath of Nyungwe suite.  African Open-billed storks regularly stalk the shallow waters just off the deck of the Victoria suite and a bold White-throated Comorant regularly shoots the rapid beside the swimming pool.  He is regular sun-downer company.  While we wait for our dinner, he hunts for a wilder fresh version nearby.

Harald Ulriksen, Wildwaters Lodge manager, is now accepting bookings from August 2010 via the website, www.wild-uganda.com or directly on h@wild-uganda.com
We look forward to welcoming you to the island.

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