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Thea and Jack, USA

"Had an awesome time.  from the arrangements for the free transfers from Kampala, and the trip itself it was spot on, we were even persuaded to do a Bungee jump and I have to say the attention to detail, and the team alaying all of our fears made this jump of a lifetime as easy as 1-2-3. I highly recommend Adrift, and Ruth at River Base was amazing, and was a great source of information for the rest of our trip in Uganda"

Louise, United Kingdom

"My boyfriend and I have always wanted to raft the River Nile and so was a dream come true.  They picked us up from our hotel in Kampala with their free shuttle bus and it was a lovely drive out to Jinja with other rafters on board.  We were met on arrival and given our briefing and helmets and then it was time to hit the Nile.  Wow is all I can say.  The guiding was amazing, the experience unforgettable, the adrenaline was addictive and I would do it all over again given the chance. We found Adrift to be very professional and always keeping a watch out for us and gave us plenty of warning when to duck and when to paddle.  Don't miss out on this experience is all that I can say"

Tatiana, Uganda

"We were invited by Adrift to sample their white water rafting and it was exceptionally memorable. Its fun, safe and we were all very well taken care of. I had an amazing time, with a wonderful guide and we loved every moment of it. If you ever want to go rafting the River Nile, Adrift would be your best option. And besides being fun, it is a beautiful day out on the river. Now how many people in the world can say that they have actually rafter the River Nile in Uganda? I certainly can so thank you for a great day out. Thanks Steven for all the photos and videos - it was a great day and we would love to do it again."

Julianna, Zimbabwe

"Adrift is awesome. Their bus picked us up on time, the drive out from Kampala was not unpleasant and the warm welcome on arrival was great. Quick breakfast, met the guides, got kitted out then the briefing then off we went. WOW I can’t explain the adrenalin that fills you as you go down that first rapid. with the expert guidance you feel very in control and in safe hands and the safety kayakers are never too far away and always within eye sight giving you that additional satisfaction that should you go over board theres absolutely nothing to worry about. we had an absolute blast and I would highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for some adventure and a thrilling experience. There are lower grade rapids for those that want to take it easy or have kids and all I can say is do not miss the opportunity. The free transfers from Kampala to Jinja make this experience affordable and just an excellent way to spend a day in Uganda. To be able to say you have rafted the River Nile is great. We had a lovely lunch, and after the experience celebrated with cold beers at Adrifts River base cliff top bar - don’t miss it. Highly recommended."

Mika Häkkinen (Former Formula One World Champion)

"It was one of the most exciting experiences in my life…. it is extreme."

Prince William (The actual Prince of England)

"That was incredible! Can we do it again?" (at 'The Bad Place' rapid).

Forest Sawyer (NBC Anchorman / Discovery Channel Presenter)

"I will definitely be back."

Gareth Duncan (Royal Irish Guards)

We had a fantastic time at Adrift conducting Adventure Training…it had it’s hairy moments, but that is what it is all about…I will be recommending your company."

HE Yoweri Museveni (President of the Republic of Uganda)

This is safe, these people are experienced." (The Presidential Tour’)

“Rafting? on the Nile? Say no more...”

We actually rafted here in January 2009 but it was such an amazing experience it needs a late review written. We also opted for the Kampala pick up and were met at the backpackers nice and early. Had a nice smooth drive out to Jinja and got all prepped for rafting. What a fantastic day! Deep warm water, friendly guides who were strong enough to help me back into the raft whenever I got stuck, beautiful scenery, a DELICIOUS lunch on the island, more beautiful scenery and incredible rapids, and a few dunkings thrown in for good measure. It was so amazing that my sister and I decided to take advantage of the 50% off offer and go back the next week once the rest of our travel buddies had moved on. An experience I still remember vividly 5 years later. Do it.

Michelle R, New Zealand

"It should be on everyone's bucket list!!!!"

I rafted with friends during the first weekend of July 2014 and we had an amazing day.

We were picked up from Kampala by Adrift. On arrival in Jinja, we were served a quick breakfast and then off to the water. Before hitting the rapids, the team leaders take the time to take you through practical drills on what to expect while out rafting and how to react. Our team leader was Matt, he was tough and nice at the same time.

We rafted four rapids before lunch, stopped for lunch at an Island then another four rapids after lunch.

It was an amazing experience, we flipped twice at the "50/50" rapid and the "Nile special". Nobody should complete a full day of rafting without the experience of flipping. :)

At the end of the day, we were served with barbecue, sodas, beers etc and driven back to Kampala.

It was a worthwhile experience! :) It should be on everyone's bucket list!!!!

Esther A, Uganda

"You don't really expect much when you are camping for 6 dollars per night, but..."

You will not be dissapointed when you stay here; with hot showers, proper toilets and good food to give you that much needed boost after a long journey.

But the best bit has to be the bar area. A brilliant little bar that really shows tourists what they have been missing. There is a mixed crowd. A highlight would be shot drinking whilst hanging upside down in a kayak, or even the beer bong action that goes off. The view however from the bar is stunning, with a vista over the Nile.

Red tail monkeys will make your stay all the more exciting. But if you get the chance, go white water rafting with Mike ( hence the bro, awesome comment) . What a laugh and brilliant time was had by all! This costs around 120 US dollars. Or if you don't fancy that then you can always do a bungee jump instead.

All in all, probably one of the best campsite that I have ever stopped at.

Bro, awesome!

Stefan R, South Sudan

"My first time at rafting - a great overall experience!!"

I had heard good reviews of Adrift from colleagues, so I decided to choose Adrift.

I was promptly picked up from where i was staying in a taxi & then put in a bus. Breakfast was served. The main guide, Dee, spoke well & convinced all of us that we are in safe hands :) The initial training was well conducted - i was in Dee's boat, including all emergency drills were taught & practised in detail. He tried to keep us entertained with his jokes all through the ride... With rescue boats (kayaks) around me, it was all safe. Drinking Water, sunscreen provided as we rafted - showed the well planned & professional appraoch.
The lunch (enroute we halted) was good. When it ended, we were served some BBQ with beer... which was OK.
Thereafter i decided to stay on at the River base itself - the dorms & washrooms were basic, but clean. Spent the evening gazing at the Nile sipping some beer & watching a rugby match with others staying there :)
My first time at rafting - a great overall experience!!

Neeraj Marwah, India

"The recommendation of expats..."

My wife, a friend, and I recently went rafting down the Nile with Adrift and we had a fantastic time. Before going, we had spoken to lots of friends who told us wonderful stories of their experiences. We figured we would not have too many opportunities to raft the river Nile, so we had to give it a go.

We contacted Adrift at the recommendation of expats who have lived in the country for three years and themselves did a lot of kayaking on the Nile. Adrift was everything they promised: professional, on time, exciting, and very fun. We had originally thought to do the "safety" trip, which would involve being on the safety raft and taking the so-called 'chicken' lanes, but when we arrived at the launch point our guide told us that would be a waste of time and money. He assured us it is a safe rafting experience as long as we listened to his instructions. He was absolutely right! We are very thankful that we did not opt for the safety raft after all as this trip was much more fun.

Our boat had 8 people in it (counting the guide), and we went down river with two other boats of tourists (one full day and one half-day), a safety boat (secure-oared), and 5 or 6 safety kayakers. Our guide was simply amazing, and I can imagine how rafting the Nile with a bad guide would make one feel as if they would have nearly died. But the staff at Adrift were so professional that they made you feel like even if things went 'pear-shaped' they would come and get you no matter what.

In addition to excellent staff (largely local Ugandans who take pride in their river!), the breakfast, light lunch, and afternoon snack were delicious. The photographers took excellent photos and videos.

Bottom line: If you are in Jinja, you have to go white water rafting. If you are going white water rafting in Jinja, you have to go with Adrift!

Alex B, Uganda

"Exactly as advertised..."

You will have a blast. The full day excursion was amazing. Be sure to choose the right level for your preferences. Expect to get dunked in rapids on the more adventurous levels. It was great fun. You do need to paddle all day, but the guides are great at managing the adventure and helping out. Safety is paramount throughout. Lunch was tasty. It was an awesome day.

Unknown Author, Canada