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Daily Photos

Our cameraman is able to capture images of your rafting experience that you could have only dreamed about.
Where you are hanging on and buried beneath a huge rapid, he has his camera clicking.

Don’t leave for home without this unique momento of your experience.

Adrift photo folder

Click on the image above to flip through an example of the photo folder

The new technology Adrift introduced in August of 2010 for photographs has proved extremely popular. A cleverly designed folder houses the best images and they are far superior to any image produced on a laser printer. The sub-dye printers turn out fabulous 6”x8” images captured by Stevo and Ivan from the riverbanks, mid-stream rocks and strategic viewpoints they have found

You can purchase this unique momento of your experience. $US10 for each quality ‘Sub-dye’ (6″x8″) photograph or $US50 for a magnificent set of six in beautiful photofolder.

In addition to the stunning images paddlers can purchase at the end of their one-day rafting trip, more images can be downloaded here and low resolution images are FREE.
Digital photos are available online each at $10 each and $51 for a set of 6 photos.

Click on the button below for copies of yourself or your friends in action on the Nile.