Croc Safari

Award-winning 5-star Adrift river crew, safety rafts and kayakers, by far the most experienced on the continent

High-flotation life jackets, helmets and custom-made rafting equipment

Includes breakfast, snacks mid stream, and a BBQ with beers & sodas on our adventure island.   

FREE vehicle shuttle from Kampala to Jinja

FREE photos & Video

Drinking water provided throughout the day and all dietary requirements can be accommodated with sufficient notice

No rafting or swimming experience is necessary (min age 13 years)

$80 pp
CROC SAFARI  TIME 3 Hours (11.30 – 14.30)

There is no better way to enjoy the nature and beauty of the Kalagala Activity Zone than on the waters of the Might Nile. So, jump on board one of our Croc Safari Tours along with Adrifts experienced and professional guides and see what the Nile has to offer.  Take on the exhilaration of the rapids if you want and enjoy drifting and swimming along the moving water and still eddie pools, whilst taking in the beauty that surrounds you.

A safari like none other, don’t let the name fool you, our waters are crocodile and hippopotamus free. There is however a vast array of river dwelling birdlife, ranging from the various beautiful kingfishers to the king of the river, the African Fish Eagle.  Keep your eyes peeled for the rivers more allusive inhabitants; such as the river otters, frolicking around the islands in search of their next fish supper, or the resident Monitor Lizards basking away on the banks of the Nile.  All of this natural beauty can be seen from our Croc Safari’s, with the greatest Grade 6 Falls forming the backdrop to your tour.

We tailor each trip to the specific needs of your group – whether you are up for an adventure or a first-time river goer, we will ensure you have one of the best days ever on the River Nile.  Make your plan with our team based on the requirements you have, then head out in a combination of guided rafts, with our rear mounted oar powered guides, the 2 seater rafts, which this great adventure gets its name, The Croc for a more personal experience or for the most personal adventure, get your fins and paddle mitts on and take out the self-controlled River Bug.

The adventure on the river is complimented by access to our ‘Malubisi Adventure island’. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas while your guides prepare a BBQ lunch and cold drinks. The island is nestled between 2 Grade 4 rapids and for the adventurous; we can offer a taster of our full package experience, by rafting the lower section of our aptly named ‘Vengeance’ rapid. If they are still building their confidence we can then walk them through the island allowing access to the quieter pools below the island.
How our rafting trip works with children

NOTE – Croc Safari requires min of 4 pax to operate (minimum age 13 years old)
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