Bungee Team

Taking the jump of your life can be quite daunting but knowing that your team are fully certified to manage the bungee jump ensures all you have to do is take the 'leap of faith' and leave the rest to us. The adrenalin is awesome and guests time and time again immediately after want to jump again. Our team have been trained by certified international instructors, our equipment is tested every 6 months and by continual training and improvement of our business structure, we maintain our position as the best and only bungee jump operator in the region. Through international accreditation, we ensure the highest standards in our jump masters and equipment durability.


  1. Managing Director
    Bryan Easy rider
  2. Managing Director
    David Cool and smart
  3. Managing Director
    Hakim Saviour of souls
  4. Managing Director
    Issac The man with a plan
  5. Managing Director
    Kenneth The altitude mechanic
  6. Managing Director
    Roberto Jokes aside, safety first
  7. Managing Director
    Yasin The "Walk Man"
  8. Managing Director
    Romeo The height master