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Rafting Trip with Google Earth

Virtual Rafting Trip on the River Nile

Use Google Earth to make a virtual rafting trip on the River Nile.

If you have have Google Earth installed on your computer, just click on the link below to open the Adrift Virtual Rafting Trip in Google Earth.

Virtual Rafting Trip on the Victoria Nile with Google Earth

Download Google Earth here for free, if you have not yet installed it on your computer

Recommended Google Earth settings for best viewing pleasure:

  • go to menu Tools > Options > tab Touring:
    Tick ‘Show balloon when tour is paused’
    Set Tour Pause to 10 seconds or more
  • ditto > tab 3D view:
    Elevation Exaggeration: 3 (maximum)

Under ‘Temporary Places’ you find the adrift.kmz file, select this file and click on the ‘Play’ button below, press the F11 key to view in Full Screen mode, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
If your internet connection is a bit slow, just follow the complete trip and then start again, Google Earth has then had the time to cache the pictures etc.

For those who have or cannot have Google Earth installed, you can also follow the trip with Google Maps:

  • Go to Google Maps: http://maps.google.com
  • Copy this link into the Search Bar: http://www.adrift.ug/gearth/adrift.kmz
  • Click on ‘Search Maps’