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Extreme Rafting

They can’t hear you scream underwater

Grade 5+ – 31kms – 6/7 hours rafting and river surfing

For the serious adrenaline junkies. Join the Adrift team in the smallest rafts (only 13’ long) on the Nile for the wildest ride of your life. Expect to be washed from the raft by the mighty Nile whitewater and spend some time beneath a capsized raft. Finish off your day with a breathtaking plunge into the deepest part of ‘The Bad Place’

The trip includes:

  • Award-winning Adrift river crew, by far the most experienced on the continent
  • Safety rafts and kayakers, photographer and video-kayaker
  • High flotation life-jackets, helmets, spray jackets and custom extreme rafts
  • ‘Famous’ Adrift lunch on our private mid-river island, BBQ snack afterwards, complimentary beers and sodas after the river trip
  • River surfing tuition and wave riding at Superhole
  • FREE vehicle shuttle from Kampala to Jinja
  • No rafting or surfing experience necessary.
  • Swimming experience recommended (min age 16-years)


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