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National Parks in Uganda

Kibale National Park

There is a heavy thud on the forest floor and my heart leaps to my mouth. I look nervously up toward the forest canopy and try to compose myself but our guide just smiles. ‘They are here’ he whispers and gestures us to move forward. Pointing toward the high branches of a forest giant, I see dark shapes walking casually along the rounded limbs of the tree silhouetted against the blue sky.

Ishasha, Queen Elisabeth National Park

‘Why have we stopped Dad?’ My 8-year old son prides himself on being an expert game spotter. He has spent most of his life in Africa and most of his holidays on safari. We had already seen a herd of over three hundred elephant that morning. We sat on the roof of our Landcruiser finishing the last of our breakfast while the gentle giants wandered from the cover of the forest into the open plains.

Mountains of the Moon

I shivered again and pulled the drawstring on my hood tighter. Living in the tropics makes one ill-prepared for the climate at 5109 metres above sea level. With each step my crampons bit into the ice and scraped roughly against the hard rock of the summit ridge.

I always prepare each group for the worst in terms of weather as the Rwenzori Mountains are often hidden in cloud but today was looking better. Giant groundsel forests had given way to stark black rocks and the ice fields of the Equator.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

I rushed toward Dad but it was too late. A storm of leaves fell on his head, small branches danced on the ground around and there was a heavy thud before everyone looked in his direction startled at what they saw.

Murchison Falls National Park

On one bank of the river a pod of hippos moved restlessly in the water becoming uneasy as our boat approached them. Some threw their heads back, then off to one side before running up the river in the thigh deep water. We could only imagine how comically their short legs worked beneath the surface of the Nile, but watch the bow waves pillowing off their front quarters and the water birds scattering out of the way of their much larger neighbors.